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My name is Ružica Remy

I am a curious explorer of the human body, mind & soul and I love transformation. I believe we came here to thrive on all levels. My HD profile is 1/3 Generator. I just love to go to the ground of anything, investigating is my favorite occupation. My souls wish is to lead and support you on your unique path to fulfillment and joy.

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Hi dear soul, I am truly glad you are here.

SUTRA meaning thread in Sanskrit stands for the thread connecting our brain and our center, the gut, our second brain. I like to call it our emotional brain where we store all our feelings and memories.
The most significant connection in our body that makes us function the way we do. This connection is so strong that it can make us sick if we have subconciously stored emotions and do not know about them on our concious level. Working with this knowing is shifting worlds inside and around us.

I am passionate about helping you to rewire your brain pathways through hypnosis - working with your subconscious mind to bring the necessary change into your life. To look at what is hidden underneath the surface.
To live in freedom and fulfillment like we all deserve. To bring your power back where it YOU!

I call essential oils my great helpers and wisdom keepers on this way of healing. I work with these plant spirits for over 4 years and my connection to my soul and source is getting stronger and more profound every day.

I am here to use my experience to support you for a better tomorrow!

Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT


Maybe you're struggling with addiction, weight issues, are feeling down, worried or anxious and are often sabotaging yourself, or you just feel like you're not living the life you were meant to.

Are you asking yourself why you are not able to push through with something you wish to achieve?

Are you ready to transform yourself, ready to use your full potential?

Whatever your needs or worries, I love to offer you my support on your healing journey.

Rapid transformational therapy (RTT) uses hypnosis to come to the source of every issue through your own subconscious mind, it is a process of self-discovery and understanding why you behave in the way you do.

In my sessions I support and encourage you to understand yourself better by discovering why this problems you are facing came to existence in the first place. This is the key and a big aha -moment. From here on you can understand and start to change. 

My teacher Marisa Peer says, understanding is power!

During our session I will hypnotize you and we will work through different steps of the therapy. I will create a costume made audio tape for you that you will receive at the end. On the tape I am encouraging you through installing a positive mindset, view and the adoption of new attitudes, habits and reactions to previous situations in your own words, so you are able to change your life forever. I have the resources and professional experience to get you to where you wish to be and start living your life free from the thought patterns and other blockages that hold you back right now. With this powerful method we can achieve miracles together! 

Marisa Peer
Founder of RTT

"Your words make your reality. If you dont like your reality, change your words."

"Ruzica is a warm, compassionate therapist who will make you feel at ease and relaxed. She is very professional and experienced. She has excellent listening skills and is very intuitive. She really helped me solve my issues. I highly recommend her."
Yasmina Mejai

“I struggled with limitations that were stopping me from being the person I always knew I should be.

A session with Ruzica had made a big difference in initially helping ease my problem and later as I was listening to the recording getting rid of it all together.

After the 21 days of listening to the recording the difference was really noticeable. Like the limiting beliefs had shifted.

I still sometimes return to the recording when I feel I need a little reminder. 

She has explained the process and created a really safe and nurturing environment for healing

Thank you Ruzica - you are making a difference in this world by healing one person at a time."

Margaret from London

"Ruzica is kind and polite. We connected instantly and she is very open minded. During the session she guided me and helped me understand my insecurities and patterns. I worked on skin issues with her and I noticed a difference in my skin almost immediately. Ruzica is doing a great job...Reach out to her to work on your issues."
Sheetal Saldanha

Book a free discovery call

Please contact me for a free 30 minutes discovery call to find out if we are a match for each other and if I am the right person for you. If yes, we will arrange all the further details together on the call.





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