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About me



Hi, I am Ružica

I am in my mid 40's. I live and work in Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

I am a very passionate person and love when I can offer advice and listen to other human beings and support wherever I can.

For the last 20 years more or less I am on my own healing is a wild ride so to say, but deeply inspiring and soothing. On my path I travelled a lot and learned to adapt well in new surroundings.

In 2020 I decided to take a big leap of faith and change my life. So I started something completely new. I decided to study the RTT® method with Marisa Peer, a very well known international psychologist with over 30 years of experience who created her own amazing therapy method .

Why was it a leap of faith you may ask yourself.

Well, for the last 26 years, at that time, I have spent my career & life in the hospitality business.

For over 17 years I was running my own vegan business, after moving away form Switzerland, the country I grew up, to start all over again in  Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

This came quite surprisingly.

Although as we all experienced the pandemic as a time of reflection, amongst other very deep emotions, I remembered what it was I originally wanted to do in my life before I started my career in  hospitality. 

I always wanted to help and support people who are struggling or need advice to get a better life quality and become happier. As I, myself, was struggeling a lot growing up in a challenging enviroment.

And here I am, after many years of working with guests from all over the world, employees, bosses, authorities and so on I finally came to do therapy and use my hearts and souls remembrance and capacities to help in the best way possible in this stage of my life. I am very grateful you are here and  I love to assist you.

RTT® & Me

The fields I am the most experienced is positive mindset, health, food and body issues. This is through my own life experiences and struggles. As a self employed business owner I went through many challenges and self development.

This led me to study human behavior and the way our brain works. For me it is the most fascinating part about our body, the connection between the thoughts we think and the experiences we have. I am amazed about the techniques how to rewire our brain. How we have the power to change the way we think, feel and experience our life.

So that is why I am so exited to be able to practice the RTT® method as it is combining the most effective techniques like NLP, CBT, Psychotherapie and Hypnotherapy with the potential to powerfully transform lifes.

Book a free discovery call

Please contact me for a free 30 minutes discovery call to find out if we are a match for each other and if I am the right person for you. If yes, we will arrange all the further details together on the call.

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