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Questions & Answers

How does hypnosis feel?

Hypnosis is a natural state with increased levels of deep relaxation. You are in a state where you are open to suggestions and actually very aware. During the hypnotic/trance like state you are always in control. It is a state very much like before falling asleep.

How long is one session?

My therapy session does take around 2 hours on the video call or in person.

Afterwords you will have to listen to the taylor made tape for at least 3 weeks. During this highly transformational time we will be in contact.

So all together it takes up to 1 month per session.

When do i feel the benefit of the session?

You will feel a change immediately after the session. During the session you get to understand the source of your problem. During the time you listen to the transformational tape, for at least 3 weeks, you will anchor all the new beliefs into your subconcious mind  and the results are getting real and you will clearly feel the benefits.

Book a free discovery call

Please contact me for a free 30 minutes discovery call to find out if we are a match for each other and if I am the right person for you. If yes, we will arrange all the further details together on the call.

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