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Personalized audios

To change our limiting beliefs we need to create the reality we want for ourselfs in our mind first and then visualise the results we want to achieve.

I am creating your own personal tape with your words and wishes so you can become what you are dreaming of.. does this sound incredible?

It is pretty amazing and it works. If you need something to help you push your limiting beliefs order your personal audio recording and listen to it for at least one month and see for yourself. You can choose between audios with or without suptile background music. The audios are around 20 minutes of length, so easy to listen whenever you find time. Below you can see some examples of possible topics..

Note: for any problems you are facing that need a deeper level of support and healing please contact me for a RTT session.


Better sleep

Are you having trouble to fall asleep or to sleep during the whole night?

I can help you with a recording you listen in bed and guide you into a deep and relaxing sleep.

Nature Art

Motivation to work out

After you tell me your struggles and what you would love to change I make you the perfect recording to motivate you to start moving and keep going!

Nature Artwork

New goal set

For anything new you wish to achieve in your life I can offer you a quick start and then, once you have done the first step all the others that follow become easier.

Book a free discovery call

Please contact me for a free 30 minutes discovery call to find out if we are a match for each other and if I am the right person for you. If yes, we will arrange all the further details together on the call.

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